Ed Segstro

InstructorDepartment of Chemistry
The University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 2E9Office: 2RC046
Tel.: (204) 786-9290
Fax: (204) 774-2401E-mail:
e.segstro@uwinnipeg.ca (for general correspondence)
labcoord@uwinnipeg.ca (for students
with lab-related enquiries/comments)




B.Sc.(Hon.) in Chemistry, University of Manitoba (1980)
M.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Manitoba (1983)

Course Information:

1111/3 Intro to the Chem Properties of Matter (Lab)
1112/3 Basic Principles of Chem Reactivity (Lab)
2302/3 Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Lab)
3302/3 Methods of Chemical Analysis (Lab)