Manitoba Chemistry Symposium (MCS)

Dear Colleagues:

Registrations and abstract submissions are currently being accepted for the first annual Manitoba Chemistry Symposium (MCS), to be held May 4-5 at the University of Winnipeg – visit  .  The registration and submission deadline is March 30, 2018. 

The University of Winnipeg Department of Chemistry is pleased to serve as the first host of the MCS; thereafter the hosting will rotate annually amongst the Brandon University, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg.  Our goal is that these collegial, relatively informal, regional chemistry meetings will help the current and the next generation of scientists to get acquainted; to celebrate our discipline through the exchange of knowledge; and to develop rewarding collaborations and friendships.  To facilitate this networking process, the conference registration will include a group lunch and a mixer at the poster competition on Friday evening. 

The theme of the MCS 2018 is “Extreme Science”.  The theme is both literal (for example, the study of molecular behaviour at extremes of temperature) and metaphorical (for example, pushing the extremes of our knowledge).   Presenters are welcome in any area of chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical education.   In addition to the symposia with invited speakers, and the submitted oral presentations on Friday and Saturday, we will have poster presentations on Friday evening. There will be student competitions (at both the undergraduate and graduate levels) in both the oral and poster presentation categories.  The journal Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is willing to publish a limited number of manuscripts from our First Manitoba Symposium on Chemistry.   The journal will publish only full manuscripts (not simply the Abstracts); presenters will have the opportunity to indicate their interest and submit manuscripts.  

In addition there will be three excellent symposia:

  • “Extreme Science” (organized by Chris Wiebe)
  • “Biochemistry and Indigenous Nutrition and Health” (organized by Michael Eze)
  • “Recent Discoveries in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry” (organized by Athar Ata)

The symposia are still being organized, but our list of invited speakers is already impressive and includes the following speakers not only from our local universities, but also from Ontario, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

  • Rotimi Aluko – Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences,University of Manitoba
  • Christopher N. Boddy – Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa
  • Robert H. Cichewicz – Regents’ Professor and INPART Director, University of Oklahoma
  • Christopher Wiebe  – Department of Chemistry, University of Winnipeg.
  • Jennifer van Wijngaarden – Department of Chemistry, University of Manitoba.
  • Haidong Zhou – Knoxville Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee)

I hope that you will consider joining us for what should be an exciting and collegial scientific meeting. 

Best regards,
Desiree Vanderwel
MCS 2018 Conference Chair.