Winners of the 2017 Randy Kobes Undergraduate Poster Contest

This year’s top prize went to Megan Rutherford, for her research on Dy2ScNbO7: a new spin ice candidate, (Supervisor: Dr. Chris Wiebe, chemistry).

Second place was tied between three researchers: Navjot Kaur for Lead α-glucosidase inhibitors from Sapium integerrimum, (Supervisor: Dr. Athar Ata, chemistry); Jake Blackner for Ferrocenium Boronic Acid Catalysed Coupling of Alcohols with Borate and Silane Nucleophiles, (Supervisor: Dr. Adam McCubbin, chemistry); and Taylor Hanson for Auto Image Review for Intact Prostate Radiation Therapy Patient,(Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Rivest, physics).

Third place was also a tie between Rebecca Carter for Play for Prey: Play Behaviour in Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer, (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Lingle, biology); and Alyssa Kidd for I Got It from My Mama (?): Fetal Programming, Gestational Diabetes, and Incretin Hormone GLP-1, (Supervisor: Dr. Danielle Defries, kinesiology).


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